Meet Our Team

David B. Murray, Jr.
President and CEO

Joshua Hetrick
Head of Physical Development

Michael Underkoffler
Head of Games and Activities

Steve Haddon
Head of Curriculum Development

Dustin Manottie
Head of Wrestling Mentor

Susan Ames
Head of Nutrition

Jess Negron
Head of Women’s Fitness

Daniel Prosseda
Lead Session Director

Tim Boetsch
Consultant & Head of MMA Development Program

Dr. Zach Howell
Head of Research & Development

Curt Howell
Head of Parent Mentoring in CP Program

Casey Magargle
Consultant/Advisor/School Director

Sarah Patte
Executive Communications Assistant


Luke Whittaker – President

Gary Ames – Vice President

Susan Ames – Treasurer

Mike Maney – Voting Member

Brad Patacky – Voting Member

Zach Howell – Voting Member

David Murray – CEO/Non-Voting Member

George Gerber