What is Clarity?

Clarity Prep Youth Mentoring is a process created to help participant’s ages 9-18 develops the skills and strategies necessary to make informed and healthy decisions.  The program consists of 3 distinct phases, with each phase building off of the previous phase.  As participants work their way through each phase, they will develop a self-awareness of who they are socially and emotionally, the specific gifts and talents they possess, and learn to develop those gifts and talents to serve others and their community.

  • Knowledge


    Phase 1

    The knowledge-building phase introduces such topics as basic coping skills, healthy decision-making, identifying emotional awareness, and realistic goal setting.  During each lesson participants will learn key terms and concepts, relate terms and concepts to the real world, and participate in basic application activities.  This phase helps participants develop a better understanding of who they are, what drives their decision making and how to make better decisions in the future.

  • Application


    Phase 2

    The application phase helps participants put the concepts developed during phase 1 into practice. The lessons during this phase are focused on providing participants with opportunities to apply Clarity Prep skills and strategies to real world situations both fictional and non-fictional. The situations used during each lesson may be predetermined or based on situations the participants share during the lesson. The goal for each session is to help participants develop confidence in their abilities to identify a decision that needs to be made and steps needed to make a healthy and positive decision.

  • Service


    Phase 3

    The final phase of the program devoted to connecting the entire Clarity Prep Process into service of others.  During this phase participants are encouraged to use the skills and strategies they learned to help others.  As participants begin this phase, they will keep a journal of how they utilized the Clarity Prep Process in their daily life and provide real life evidence of application of each level within the process. Participants will also develop and carry out an intrinsically motivated service project that allows them to use their talents to help others. At this time participants will also be provided with the opportunity to take part in supervised mentoring with the goal of becoming a Clarity Prep Mentor.  Clarity Prep was created with the sole purpose of providing participants with skills and strategies that will help them face the challenges of today’s world and prepare them for a better, brighter tomorrow.