What is Clarity?

We are an organization that believes establishing strong mentorship relationships can make all the difference in a young individual’s life. Our mentors are current or former teachers, and coaches, who bring with them years of experience in education. We have carefully designed our proprietary curriculum to weave the principles of trust and faith into the core values of gratitude, integrity, and service to others, as it’s tailored to meet each mentee’s individual needs and goals.  Our mentors will assist in the development of a personal growth plan that will aim them to achieve their full potential and set them on a path toward success.

We offer a variety of mentoring programs including academic mentoring, athletic mentoring, and life mentoring which can meet virtually and in person.   Our goal is to ensure that we have a program that will meet the needs of any participant wishing to join.

At Clarity Prep Youth Mentoring, we understand that mentorship is a two-way street, and we strive to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between our mentors and mentees. Our mentors will provide guidance, support, and encouragement, while each mentee brings their unique perspectives, experiences, and goals. Together, we work towards building a strong foundation for a bright future.