Our Story

The Clarity Prep Story

Clarity Prep, Inc., Youth Athletic Mentoring, is a process that teaches youth to build a solid physical, mental, and spiritual foundation that empowers them to approach life with the character and performance of a Champion. The president and founder, David Murray, is a high school teacher who frequently experienced stress, anxiety, and fear as both an athlete and a coach. Recognizing these same qualities in his sons and students prompted him to begin research that, with the help of amazing mentors, ultimately led to the organization Clarity Prep.

Dave’s original vision was to help prepare young athletes to train and compete with the attitude of a Champion – understanding that integrity, work ethic, and caring are as, or more, important than winning, thereby alleviating much of the anxiety of competing. It soon became clear that the qualities developed through Clarity Prep also apply to life, and CP was expanded to include all youth, not just athletes.

CP teaches students to set and achieve goals, make good decisions, develop healthy routines, and build confidence by developing a mindset that helps them overcome obstacles and approach life’s challenges with confidence and a positive attitude. Clarity Prep staff members are teachers, former Division I collegiate athletes, high school/youth coaches, and mentors who see the tremendous need for children to build the skills taught through Clarity Prep and the impact it can have on these children. Even in its early stages, parents and coaches have commented on the significant growth in the mindsets and performance of their students.

We are currently expanding our program as we strive to achieve our vision for all children to realize their abilities and believe in their capabilities as Champions. There is currently a moderate monthly fee for students to participate in the program. We are hoping to offer scholarships for children in need during the upcoming fiscal year.