Life Mentoring

Life Mentoring provides all youth ages 9-18 the skills and strategies to manage life’s challenges and live the life of a champion. Participants in the Life Mentoring program will learn how to apply the Clarity Prep Process to their daily lives while learning how to maximize their own unique gifts and talents. Clarity Prep offers both Group and Individual Life Mentoring sessions.

Group Life Mentoring

Provides all youth with the skills to develop general awareness, healthy habits, and healthy decision making. Each participant will learn an individualized process to develop their own gifts in order to learn from failure, cope with challenges, and become the best versions of themselves possible. Clarity Prep utilizes a proprietary three phase program spanning the youth’s developmental years from ages 9 to 18.

Individual Life Mentoring

Provides individualized mentoring sessions to all youth ages 9-18 based on the Clarity Prep curriculum . Participants choose the specifics topics addressed depending on their individual needs.

Economic hardship scholarships available. Contact for more information.