School District JumpStart

The JumpStart Program provides students with the skills and processes needed to begin each day with a clear and focused mind and with a positive approach to the day ahead.  Clarity Prep staff works closely with school districts to develop a district specific program that aligns the Clarity Prep process with district wide PBIS and specific school building expectations.  The staff will work daily with PBIS leaders, building administrators, teachers and staff to help ensure a consistent blending of the Clarity Prep Process and school wide expectations, as well as continually evaluate the progress of JumpStart participants to ensure they are working toward becoming a CHAMPION.

Clarity Prep Inc. operates with the perspective that all people live with different expectations, life experiences, circumstances, and perspectives.  Our goal is to help each participant create their own individualized process of growth using various aspects of the Clarity Prep Process.

Please contact us about the 2024/2025 or future school year ability

Additional School District Student Development Opportunities

  • School District Assemblies
  • Keynote Speaker – (Education, Athletics)
  • Classroom Presentations

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