Clarity Prep Helps Build Foundations For Becoming A CHAMPION.

Need Some Clarity?





Clarity Prep works with youth on a goal setting process and fundamental training that aid in physical foundational development.


Clarity Prep aids youth in building a process of focus and self talk, which are the first foundational steps to mental clarity.


Clarity Prep clearly states the existence of the powerful and amazing component within all of us that is most evident through performance when individuals have complete faith in their beliefs and abilities.

Clarity Prep’s Vision

For all children to realize their abilities and believe in their capabilities as Champions.

Is Clarity Prep a fit for my family?

Clarity Prep, Inc., Youth Athletic Mentoring, is a process that teaches youth to build a solid physical, mental, and spiritual foundation that empowers them to approach life with the character and performance of a CHAMPION.

Attend an open house to learn more about our program and see if the Clarity Prep philosophy is right for you and your child.

Do I want my child to learn strategies to combat fear and self-doubt during performance?

Do I want my child to know and appreciate his/her inherent abilities and expand upon them?

Does my child experience anxiety during competition or performance?

Is it difficult to find the right words to help my child handle high pressure situations?

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CP Testimonials

“My grandson is gaining knowledge of how to recognize good and bad behaviors. He is learning how to focus and accept responsibility. He now has the ability to filter out negative thoughts in favor of positive ones. He can now discern the difference between a true champion and a self seeking winner. I highly recommend Clarity Prep for any young person that wants to seek the fullest potential.”

“It’s an incredible program, and I am excited to see people really get involved and just start to see the results from it.”

Recovering from injury “gave me time to really start applying the process of Clarity. I’ve never seen anything that concrete and that simple. It gets you to that place where you know your purpose and you know where you want to go. [Clarity Prep] helps kids to live out their dreams and not let their fears limit them. It’s the best thing I’ve seen.”

“Dave and the CP team have helped me and many others tremendously. CP is the best mindset movement. It will help the athlete at any level develop alignment of the mind, spirit, emotions, and body.”

“I think what you are doing with this organization is amazing, and I 100% back the message and mission of Clarity Prep.”

“Clarity Prep has taught me to believe in myself, compete at my very best, and just have fun with what I am doing.”