Athletic Mentoring

The athletic mentoring program connects young athletes with a mentor who can provide guidance and support in their athletic pursuits. 

  • All of our mentors are former Division I collegiate athletes, professional athletes, or have National and World honors in the sport they excelled in. 
  • Mentors will help with skill development, training plans, nutrition, mental preparation, teamwork, and sportsmanship. 
  • The goal of this program is to guide young athletes by helping them develop the skills they need to succeed in their sport while also emphasizing the importance of character, integrity, and teamwork. 
  • Athletic mentors meet with their mentees virtually at least once per week.

Our athletic mentoring services are also able to be customized for sports teams and personally delivered by our team of athletic mentors within their school district.  Please contact for more information.

Group Athletic Mentoring Sessions

Click below to register for our group athletic mentoring sessions where we guide your young athlete through our proprietary life organizational process that will allow them to reach their most capable performance each time they compete. These sessions also feature surprise appearances by top-level athletes and coaches. You never know who will show up!

Sports Team Performance Mindset Training

Provides athletic teams with clarity of goals, team values, and team unity along with a step by step plan to develop the habits for reaching optimal performance. Three options are available. Each option includes three onsite in-person sessions and one weekly zoom session per season pass.  Contact for more information and registration.

Group Athletic Mentoring and Coaching

Provides athletes the skills and strategies to achieve mental clarity and optimal athletic performance in any sport. Group Athletic Mentoring utilizes small to medium sized groups and is offered to ages 9 to 18.

To register for available Group Athletic Mentoring sessions, CLICK HERE.

Individual Athletic Mentoring and Coaching

Provides individualized mentoring and coaching sessions designed for athletes in any sport. Instruction is tailored to address the specific performance, skill development, or character issues that the athlete is struggling with. Mentor and athlete will develop a plan that will improve their skills and strategies to achieve mental clarity and optimal athletic performance.

Economic hardship scholarships available. Contact for more information.