Youth Camps


Youth Athletic Camps

Youth athletic camps combine the technique and training from world-class clinicians and Clarity Prep’s mindset development curriculum to refine the athlete’s skill set needed to achieve optimal success.  Our intended outcome is to provide the athlete with technical skills and a pre-competition routine that will help them achieve their personal goals and cope with the normal stresses of athletic competition.  

Upcoming Youth Athletic Camps

Wrestling Camp led by Zain Retherford

Zain Retheford Hosting ClarityPrep’s 1st Fundamental Skill and Optimal Performance Mindset Clinic. Zain Retherford is an American freestyle wrestler. He is a 3x NCAA champion, 2x world team member at 65 kilograms. 

Ages: 12+

Date: November 12, 2022

Location: State College/Williamsport (TBD)

Time: 1:00PM-6:00PM

Capacity: 100

Cost: $75

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Youth Foundational Camps

Youth foundational camps are open to all youth wishing to learn how to manage the challenges of life and develop the skills and strategies needed to live the life of a champion.  Camps offer participants an opportunity to learn a fundamental understanding of the various skills and strategies within the Clarity Prep Process, and will teach them how to apply the process to their daily lives and their sport. Both Youth Athletic Camps and Youth Foundational Camps are offered.

Upcoming Youth Foundational Camps

1st Annual Outdoor Adventure Camp (Summer 2022)

This youth mentoring outdoor adventure camp will give kids access to a philosophy and a process that will accompany them on their journey towards becoming a Champion. Clarity Prep uses a team and individual challenge tournament series to apply Clarity Prep’s belief that all its participants can become Champions regardless of ability and/or circumstance. 

Campers will experience a balanced mixture of challenges, competitions, team building activities, and fun that will develop their awareness, skills, character, resiliency, and optimal performance.  We focus on the strengths of each participant and emphasize maximum effort to achieve maximum success.  We also bring awareness to the importance of failure, as this is the building block to self-correct mistakes that ultimately leads to future successes. Your child will leave this camp with an increased ability to meet any future challenge, competition, or situation.  Come and join the fun this summer!

Dates: 11:30am Wednesday July 6th – 11:45am Friday July 8th

Location: Wesley Forest Campground See Wesley Forest Facilities

Registration Options:

Drop Off/Pick Up Schedule: 

  • Overnight Camper
    • Wednesday July 6th: drop off 11:30am
    • Friday July 8th: pick up 11:45am
  • Day Camper
    • Wednesday July 6th: drop off 11:30am – pick up 5:00pm
    • Thursday July 7th: drop off 9:00am – pick up 5:00pm
    • Friday July 8th: drop off 9:00am – pick up 11:45am
  • Alternative drop off/pick up:
    • To arrange alternative drop off/pick up times please contact
    • No adjustments to camp fees

Awards Ceremony:

  • Friday July 8th 11:30am-11:45am

Camp Activities

  • Challenges

    Team & Individual

    Fire Making and Tent Building

    Canoe Racing

    The 3 Day Destination Mapping

    18 Obstacle Course Time Challenge

    Swim Relay Races

    Fishing Competition

    Stone Skipping

  • Games

    Wiffle Ball

    Kick Ball

    Bocce Ball


    Can Jams

    Flag Football

    Battle Ball

  • Tournaments

    Team & Individual

    Video Games

    4 Square



    Lip Sync



  • Relaxation Time





    Frisbee Golf

    Musical Instruments

    Laser Tag

    Campfire Stories

Economic hardship scholarships available. Contact for more information.