Youth Foundational Mentoring

Youth Foundational Mentoring provides all youth ages 9-18 the skills and strategies to manage life’s challenges and live the life of a champion. Participants in the Youth Foundational Mentoring program will learn how to apply the Clarity Prep Process to their daily lives while learning how to maximize their own unique gifts and talents. Clarity Prep offers both Group and Individual Foundational Mentoring sessions.

Youth Athletic Mentoring

Youth Athletic Mentoring provides athletes the skills and strategies to achieve mental clarity and optimal athletic performance in any sport. Clarity Prep offers training for Sports Teams, Groups, and Individuals for athletes from ages 9-18.


Clarity Prep Youth Camps are open to all youth wishing to learn how to manage the challenges of life and develop the skills and strategies needed to live the life of a champion. Camps offer participants an opportunity to learn a fundamental understanding of the various skills and strategies within the Clarity Prep Process, and will teach them how to apply the process to their daily lives and their sport. Both Youth Athletic Camps and Youth Foundational Camps are offered.


The JumpStart Program provides students with the skills and processes needed to begin each day with a clear and focused mind and with a positive approach to the day ahead. Clarity Prep staff works closely with school districts to develop a district specific program that aligns the Clarity Prep process with district wide PBIS and specific school building expectations. The staff will work daily with PBIS leaders, building administrators, teachers and staff to help ensure a consistent blending of the Clarity Prep Process and school wide expectations, as well as continually evaluate the progress of JumpStart participants to ensure they are working toward becoming a CHAMPION.